Smart Security Monitoring for IIoT Platform

Proposed architecture to realize safety and security

  • Tim Peter Henrichs


An IIoT platform is expected to bring both near-term and long-term benefits. It should reduce costs, increase productivity and bring new values. However, there are concerns about security and it is also not easy to find engineers who have know-hows or experience in developing a secured IIoT system. These facts are obstacles for people to adopt and use IIoT platform. Conversely, if there is a platform which has embedded security and common base functions on which a customer may concentrate on realizing their business logic, without having to deal with the complexities, the introduction of an IIoT solution can be expected to proceed swimmingly. This article focuses on the approach for security counterplan as well as security monitoring for an ideal IIoT platform.

HENRICHS, Tim Peter. Smart Security Monitoring for IIoT Platform. atp magazin, [S.l.], v. 61, n. 8, p. 26-29, aug. 2019. ISSN 2364-3137. Verfügbar unter: <>. Date accessed: 16 juli 2020.
Hauptbeitrag / Peer-Review