Diagnose in der Modularen Produktion

Eine Symbiose aus dem Module Type Package Konzept und der Namur Open Architecture


  • Andreas Stutz
  • Holger Steltner Festo
  • Karl Büttner Endress+Hauser
  • Christian Brehm SEEPEX
  • Bernhard Gut ehemals Endress+Hauser
  • Frank Fengler ABB
  • Marc Birkenkamp Covestro
  • Fabian Spaethe Siemens AG
  • Thorsten Kohlenberg Clariant
  • Mathias Maurmaier Siemens AG
  • André Pomraenke Fraunhofer IFF
  • Guido König Samson AG
  • Stefan Erben Samson AG
  • Valentin Buleac Festo
  • Thomas Scherwietes Evonik
  • Henry Bloch Semodia
  • Stephan Hensel Semodia
  • Wilfried Grote Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG




Diagnostics in Modular Production, Module Type Package, Namur Open Architecture


This paper presents concepts of operator- and system-centered diagnostics as well as approaches for the implementation of standardized diagnostics in modular process units - prepared by the  ZVEI/NAMUR working group 4.1.1. Availability is a critical issue in the operation of process plants. Maintenance should not signify a substantial cost driver. By combining a MTP-like and NOA-like diagnostic channels, the balance between the encapsulation in operation (via MTP) and the necessary transparency for efficient diagnostics (via NOA) can be handled. In this paper, insights of both channels are presented to allow for open discussions about these concepts.






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