Process Benchmarking in Drinking Waterworks in Germany

  • Andreas Hein
  • Wolf Merkel


Detailed process analysis for water production has been achieved by a newly developed process model and PI system in 2008 that corresponds to the existing IWA PI system. Important and new features are different aggregation levels of data analysis and clustering methods that allow detailed comparisons of performance by analysing efficiency and effectiveness of water production with regard to the process objective, independent of its engineering. The article provides an overview on methodical supplements in the process model concerning water networks, automation and control and shift operating schemes. The enhanced process model and PI system including results in effectiveness in utilisation of resources and capacities, staff requirements, energy consumption and treatment costs are illustrated.
HEIN, Andreas; MERKEL, Wolf. Process Benchmarking in Drinking Waterworks in Germany. gwf Wasser | Abwasser, [S.l.], v. 151, n. Special 1, p. 64 - 70, juni 2013. ISSN 0016-3651. Verfügbar unter: <>. Date accessed: 04 juni 2020.