Modernisation and Enlargement of the Drinking Water Plant Irsch-Treves

  • Akongha N. Lambert
  • Michael Kollete
  • Helfried Welsch
  • Christian Girndt
  • Andreas Holy
  • Sven Schroll
  • Thomas Winter


The modernisation and enlargement of the second largest drinking water treatment plant (WTP) in Germany with the integration of an ultra-filtration stage began in February 2011, after more than a year of pilot tests. Following the current timetable the WTP in Irsch-Trier will be fully operational in summer 2013. The plant has a maximum capacity of 1600 m³/h and purifies about 6 million m³ of drinking water per annum for the city of Treves and some surrounding communities. This paper gives a short description of the Riveris reservoir, the raw water and the existing WTP in Irsch-Treves. Furthermore, the reasons for upgrading the WTP, the targets for the new plant and the results of the pilot project are outlined. The bulk of the paper will however, be dedicated to the operational, design and constructional details of the new plant.
LAMBERT, Akongha N. et al. Modernisation and Enlargement of the Drinking Water Plant Irsch-Treves. gwf Wasser | Abwasser, [S.l.], v. 152, n. Special 1, p. 56 - 63, juni 2013. ISSN 0016-3651. Verfügbar unter: <>. Date accessed: 30 mai 2020.