Domestic Wastewater Recycling

  • Mathias Antholz
  • Joachim Behrendt
  • Torsten Bettendorf
  • Ulrich Braun
  • Ulrike Gayh
  • Ralf Otterpohl


Principally unlike to fossil fuels, water is an irreplaceable basic resource. In times of depleting fresh water resources high effective water management concepts become more and more important. The industry has already realised that: Wastewater partial-stream separation and recycling-processes are spreading increasingly since many years. In this research work, this approach has been realised the fi rst time in the fi eld of domestic water management. The actual research state is presented in this paper. With two water loops (black water and grey water) the water consumption of domestic buildings and hotels, hospitals, etc. can be reduced signifi cantly: A saving of fresh water of up to 90 % can now be realised. Additionally, these buildings then are physically wastewater free, all valuables (compost, mineral fertiliser and energy) are recovered mono-fractioned, and all micro-pollutants (hormones, pharmaceuticals) are completely mineralised.
ANTHOLZ, Mathias et al. Domestic Wastewater Recycling. gwf Wasser | Abwasser, [S.l.], v. 150, n. Special 1, p. 80 - 91, juni 2013. ISSN 0016-3651. Verfügbar unter: <>. Date accessed: 30 mai 2020.